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Exhibitor FAQ

​Do I have to be set up for the entire show? Can I just set up for one day?
We require exhibitors to be set up for the entire length of the show.

How do I know where my booth will be?

All Exhibitors with only handmade product have a first come,first serve areas-Artisans Alley and Christmas Craft Cove. Once these are filled, the exhibitor may display in the Jingle Bell Junction or the Fa La La Farmers Market. You will designate your area preference on the contract. 

Who can exhibit at the show?
The show is open to companies and individuals who sell holiday decor, handcrafted items, unique gifts and food items. The show is a retail event so all exhibitors must have product that is purchased on-site.

How do you decide who can exhibit in the show?
The criteria for accepting new exhibitors includes:
1. The product’s potential appeal to show guests
2. How many exhibitors are in the same product category.
3. The appearance of the proposed exhibit

What comes with my exhibit space?

  • 8′ high back drape, (1) 8” TABLE, (2) CHAIRS

  • One standard 7″ X 44″ exhibitor sign

  •  Listing on the show website and multi media coverage

  •  Four exhibitor ID wrist bands

  •  24 hour security

Is electricity included with my space?
NO,electricity must be purchased through Customer Service (in advance or on show site- it is strongly encouraged to order in advance as the rates increase on show site).

When is the deadline to apply for the show?
There is no deadline to apply for the show. The Early Bird Discount Expires on May 31st. Applications are accepted at all times. However, if your product’s category has been filled, your application may be immediately placed on the wait list.

Do vendors have to pay to park?

When do I restock my exhibit if displays become empty?
We recommend exhibitors replenish their products before the show opens or after the show closes. If an exhibitor must replenish during show hours, all items must be carried by hand to the space. Dollies or carts are not permitted in the aisles during show hours as they are a safety hazard to show guests.

Do I need my own move in move out equipment?

Yes. You will need dollies to move in, we do not provide moving carts. Logistical information will be forwarded to all exhibitors several weeks before the show date. 

How do my employees get in the building thru security?
ID wrist bands will be distributed in the Exhibitor packet you receive upon check in at show office.

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